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Hello Guys

I would like to welcome you all to your online martial arts gym. It is absolutely fantastic to start seeing some activity on the website. I hope you are enjoying your new online gym and you are learning lots. I would love for you guys to get in contact with me via the contact tab. Just drop me a line letting me know your thoughts good, bad or ugly, all feedback is most welcome.

It was great to actually see a video of one of the grading combos in action on Facebook the other day. I would love to see more. If you don’t want to post them publicly feel free to email them to me at
The site is full of info with plenty more to come. Please check back on the blog as I will be letting you know what new stuff as been uploaded and any news.

Yours in martial arts

Adrian Bedlow

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  1. Hi master Bedlow this is great especially the grading blog because I can watch it any where at work at home on the beach ( bournmouth).

    1. Hey David that is great to hear my friend, thank you for the feedback 🙏🏾Osu

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