World class instructors, that have produced plenty of British & international champions. Great place to train if you‘re looking to compete or just keep fit. The best martial arts club I’ve come across!

Sacchin Sharma

Fu Jau is just a fantastic club! My son has been going for about 3 years and the training / support and motivation he has been given and has gained is phenomenal – the instructors are brilliant – I cant recommend them enough for both young and old!

James Jackson

Joining Fu Jau is like joining a second family, the coaches and other students are amazingly supportive.

Best club around 🙂

Hannah Qaisir

I have two children currently attending Fujau kickboxing academy, and I have to say that I could not be happier with the tuition and guidance that the instructors give.

Not only is there world class tuition from the three main instructors, but also added support from senior Fujau members who help out in every lesson.

My Son has now been with the club for Four and a half years, and to say that he enjoys every second is an understatement.

I watch the lessons every Tuesday and Thursday and constantly find myself amazed at how well he is doing.

Not only is he becoming a great martial artist, but Fujau teach self discipline, self control and many other qualities that I strongly believe will give my children the tools they need to become better individuals and help them become leaders not followers in future years.

My Daughter has only just started, but already has the bug, this is down to the instructors and the attention to detail that they give to every child.

I cannot recommend this club highly enough, and feel truly privileged that I have this on my doorstep.

My Son constantly talks about one day achieving his black belt, but also knows that this is not the end of his journey, and at only nine years old, talks about what he wants to achieve beyond this point.

I feel as a parent, all you want is the best for your children, and truly believe that we have found this with Fujau kickboxing academy.


Martin Brigdale 

A Few months ago I did not know anything about martial arts, kickboxing or Fu Jau.

After first lesson I am hooked with it, I love every minute of it!

What makes it so special?

1. Mr Bedlow: the best trainer of all times. Keeps you motivated even on your lowest day. Genius!

2. Excitement: Never have the same lesson, don’t know what to expect. Plus changing partners during exercises is brilliant, keeps you going until the end.

3. Tips for life. Few comments how to protect yourself help a lot. I am not scared to go out in the dark anymore. I think every woman should come and have some lessons.

Thank you so much for letting me to be part of Fu Jau!

Triin Konsap

When I moved to the area I was on the hunt for a new martial arts club to train at.  After trying out five different clubs, this had the winning formula.  It’s a five star club due to it’s great instructor, facilities and students.  

Jasper Chow

Fu Jau Martial Arts Academy is superb! Master Bedlow is an inspiration and always gets the best out of you, all he asks is you put the effort in too. It’s like one big family where everyone has everyone elses back! I think about this place every day and I am really looking forward to returning as I’ve been away for a few years. 

Simon Hilling

I’ve been training with Fu Jau Martial Arts Academy for 11 years since I was a wirey and athletically unsure fourteen year old boy who struggled with confrontations and conflict.  I can safely say that if not for Fu Jau and the excellent tuition and encouragement provided by it’s Master Adrian Bedlow, I would not be who I am today.

Whilst under his wing I have become stronger, fitter, sharper, more assertive, focused and successful.   I have trained at numerous other clubs on my travels and during my university education and I have never experienced a more inspiring, fun or welcoming Dojo than Fu Jau Academy.

Well worth the money for the priceless benefits of being part of the Fu Jau family.

Sam Sumner

For 3 years I trained at Fu Jau, in that time I learned more about mine and others potential than at any other time in my life. Facing the world with courage, passion and strength helps me to see that despite challenges along the way, life is great, we must live it and experience every moment of it.

I haven’t trained at the dojo for almost a year now but that hasn’t detracted from the fact that Martial Arts is a way of life, I still turn the light switches on with a flick of the foot every now and then and when I am at the gym it is Master Bedlows voice in my head that keeps saying things like, another 30 seconds Richard! keep going! I can’t wait for the oportunity to get back to it properly and release the warrior in me again.


Richard Margetts

I came here years ago as a martial arts fan, loved it and used to watch bruce lee videos at home and mimic him, but i had never been or trained at a proper dojo, so i didnt have that real confidence in me, so i came to Fu Jau and started training here and developed an iron confidence, was pushed to my limits, fought in tournaments and in a proper ring! Something i would have never imagined, Master Bedlow bought out the warrior in me, i walk standing upright now and show no fear to anyone, but at the same time show respect, as Master Bedlow has taught us. Now im leaving for Uni which is quite far from here, so wont be able to come anymore but im leaving as a warrior and i know theres nothing that can be thrown at me now that i cant handle, because of this training, thank you sir!! Ouss

Zach S

Fu Jau is family, they treat each individual with respect and bring the best out. Master Bedlow, coach Amanda and coach Paul really are not just teachers but mentors who have gone down to the core of our children. They celebrate each and every small or big achievement. Thank you for always making our children’s sessions personal and giving us so much time and support. 

Mr and Mrs Rashid

My boys joined the club today as I have been to other martial art clubs for many years myself. I have found this club to be the most friendly I have been to, very helpful and great instructors with good energy and nice vibe.

Kristy Robinson 

Great club, great people and great fun.

Would highly recommend Fu Jau to anyone interested in martial arts or fitness. Coaches are all top quality as well.

Tommy Blanchard

Great place to go as you work ever part of you body.

Lisa Clarke

Fu Jau taught my children that self entitlement has no place in the real world, you won’t always win, but winning isn’t everything … Hard work, pride, dedication and respect mean much more and make you a better person. I highly recommend these classes.

Vicky Carroll

Life changing classes, in health, fitness and life coaching. Thanks to Adrian Bedlows teaching, while I attended I was my best version of myself.

Travis Smith

Would I recommend Fu Jau?

Well in a space of 4 years Master Adrian Bedlow ( Then a second dan) took me from unknown on the circuit to Versions of British European and World  titles. Never been as fit as those days !!! Before or since . 

Yeah I’d recommend Fu Jau!

Baz Cilia

Brilliant people! Very welcoming!

Jagra Nagra

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