Parents, Welcome to Fu Jau Academy! 

Do you want to see for yourself what happens to your child when their true potential is released?

Our Kids Programme gives your child the opportunity to join a winning team dedicated to helping children be the best that they can be. Our classes are exciting, innovative and will teach your children so much more than how to kick and punch! 

The Fu Jau System

You, like many parents before you, are probably wondering ‘what will my child gain from studying martial arts at Fu Jau?’ 

The answer is values! The value of respect, self-discipline, self-defence and, self-development! 

We know, and understand, that children who study marital arts gain an increased sense of responsibility, take less foolish risks and enjoy a higher sense of self-esteem; this is why millions of parents choose to boost their children’s education with martial arts.

Are Martial Arts Classes Right for My Child?

Over the year of teaching children at Fu Jau, we have seen that a child can be taught marital arts, whether they have learning difficulties or a lack of confidence. The key is to focus on the child, showing them a focused response, commitment, and a confidence in them! 

We have seen timid children turn into courageous children, the self-esteem of bullied children increased, and children with no co-ordination go on to win major tournaments! 

Our kid’s classes will give your child the confidence to tackle life head on! 

Grading & Tournaments

All of our students have the opportunity to take part in a World Class Grading Syllabus that can gain them a black belt, and beyond! If they want to take their training further, then they can take part in competitions, both in the UK and abroad – we will be with them every step of the way! 

At Fu Jau, your child will be given the best possible training to help them succeed, but most important they will train in a fun, friendly and safe environment. 

What Our Classes Include… 

At Fu Jau Academy, we will teach your child elements of Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Submission Grappling, Jujitsu, Thai Boxing as well as Yoga! We take all the best components from each martial art and combine them into our training syllabus. As well as the physical aspects, there are also lots of other benefits your child will obtain from our Kids Programme. They will…

  • Learn to respect themselves, others, and those in authority. 
  • Build self-confidence, inner strength, and self-worth. 
  • Learn how to work effectively and communicate within a group. 
  • Learn how to be self-motivated and learn from their mistakes. 
  • Learn how to defend themselves. 
  • Increase their physical, mental, and emotional strengths. 
  • Learn the 12 Skills of Leadership and the importance of being a leader and not a follower. 

If you want to learn more about our Kids Kickboxing & Mixed Martial Arts Classes in Slough, feel free to contact us or Book your child in for a Free Trial Session below.

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